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The 5 Step Guide To Boosting Your Direct Bookings

With the help of the members of the Hospitality Community Facebook Group, I have created a guide that anyone can follow, which if actioned will increase your bookings and your profit at the same time...and it is 100% free!

Here is what I will cover

  • Why email is still king
  • How to stop the OTAs from taking your potential direct bookings
  • Why your current website is killing your business
  • The best way of getting eyes on your Facebook page

Hi, my name is Mark Simpson, the UK’s best independent hospitality consultant. Helping single owner hotels, guest houses and short term rentals to thrive in the digital age by turning lookers into bookers and getting more heads on beds. I’m proud that my training videos have generated over £107k so far in direct bookings alone.  

With this guide you’ll discover the tried and tested techniques to getting more 'Heads on Beds' and not having to rely on the third party booking agents again.

 Everything that I am going to show you is easy to follow along, it doesn't matter if your a computer geek or a completley illiterate! 

What I am going to show you has been tried and tested by over 1000 hospitality owners from all over the world. 

Hotel owners, Rental properties, Glamping site, Bed and Breakfast, even Airbnb part timers.  

There is something in here for everyone - I can't wait to show you how I can help

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